Sculptures help in reminding us about our culture, tradition and legendary figures that have contributed in shaping our future. It has the potential to take us few hundred years back and make us assume what the life, art, and people would have been then. This imaginative, creative and artistic work is done by sculptors. Sculptors are the creative brains behind the artworks that shape objects. These professional artists are often self-employed, or work in art galleries and museums. If giving a shape and creating structures is your first love, you can carve your future by applying for the job with a sculptor resume.

The sculptor resume is necessary in shaping your career in the world of sculptures. Before your artwork, the resume is the first thing seen by the potential employers. For someone whose domain is sculpture art, an impressive sculptor resume combined with an equally impressive website is a must to create an identity of your own. Since the internet is the buzz of this modern day, the employers can easily access your work displayed in the website. However, you should provide valid reasons for the employers to take out time and visit your website, which is possible only by exciting them with the sculptor resume.

When writing the sculptor resume, convey your comfort level in working with all types of materials such as metal, stone, wood, steel, sand, clay and bronze. The resume should also include knowledge of sculpting techniques and methods. Let your specialty shine in the resume category wise. Highlight each category, whether it is sculpture, painting, collage, sandblasting, etc. Ensure that you have added awards and recognition for your sculpting work.

Sample Sculptor Resume

Benjamin Y. Mariani
4992 High Meadow Lane
Harrisburg, PA 17109
Phone: (570) XXX-7859


Looking for a sculptor position where my knowledge, experience and skills in creating theme-based sculptures could be utilized working with all types of materials from bronze, stone, sand, clay, etc.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Excellent artist and creative mind
  • Perseverance, patience and well-cultured individual
  • Dedicated and efficient team member
  • Excellent observational skills and dexterity
  • Tech savvy and proficient with all designing and three-dimensional software
  • Competent in working with different techniques and sculpting methods
  • Excellent ability to research and handle all tools and equipments

Work Experience
Talent Hunt Company, Harrisburg, PA
2009 – Present
  • Create three-dimensional art works with tools on stones, plaster, metal, wood, etc.
  • Sketch artwork with hands or on computer and carve object from wood, concrete, plaster and stone
  • Work with tools such as hammer, chisels, and gouges
  • Form shapes with hands and using small hand tools on clay and wax
  • Use manufactured or raw materials to form artworks
  • Create animal sculptures using bronze and metal for display in zoo
  • Research a history of luminary figure and create a bust or large statue
  • Design and create decorative objects for sale
  • Display artworks in exhibitions
  • Visit museum, zoo and organization for sculpture order
  • Update by displaying new creations on the company’s website

Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Sculpture
ABC University, Harrisburg, PA
Accolades and Involvements
Member of American Association of Sculptors

On request

If you so desire, you can make the sculptor resume stand out by using color fonts and placing a picture of one of your artwork as a watermark. See that you do not use excess colors in the resume  sample to make it look gaudy.



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