There are some professions that give immense pleasure in writing a resume. Especially, those you love it whole-heartedly and do not look at as a source of income. One such field is the veterinary. This is the discipline that will give the job with a satisfaction of helping animals that cannot even complain about their sufferings unlike humans. If you do not have the veterinarian qualification, you can still help those animals by becoming a veterinary assistant. With a formal training in animal care, and a high school diploma, you can share your love and feelings for them. However, to impress the employers, a veterinary assistant resume is a must.

You can send the veterinary assistant resume to the animal hospitals, zoos, private farms, laboratories and pet clinics.  The responsibilities you will be given include feeding and providing basic care for animals, cleaning and sanitizing the area of treatment, administering medications and obtaining blood samples for diagnosis. See that your veterinary assistant resume includes all these basic responsibilities.

The veterinary assistant resume should follow a professional format by starting with the contact information followed by an impressive career objective statement. This objective statement should relate to the stage you are presently in at the time of applying. For example, a fresher’s statement should read 'To enhance my skills and increase experience working as a veterinary assistant." As an experienced candidate, this assertion should be impressive that can speak a volume about your skills and experience. This veterinary assistant resume sample will help in stating a focused and effective career declaration.

Sample Veterinary Assistant Resume

Michael J. Huynh
4986 Wright Court
Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone: (205) XXX-2748


As an experienced veterinary assistant, I would like to use my skills and knowledge gain from working in the animal care industry to enhance the quality of services provided to the domestic and stray animals.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Ability to empathize with animals
  • Profound knowledge of techniques and methods used in animal care
  • Sound knowledge of dog and horse breeds, including an ability to read and understand their characters and behaviors
  • Familiar with disease and symptoms found in dogs and cats
  • Understanding about the preventive, and diagnostic procedures for veterinary treatments
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Experienced in completing and performing all pre-surgery procedures for animals
  • Skilled in performing all routine administrative duties
Work Experience
Veterinary Assistant
Pet Home Clinics, Birmingham, AL
2009 – Present
  • Assist the veterinarian in scheduling appointments to patient’s owners
  • Greet and converse with pet owners visiting the clinic to relieve their tension
  • Get the medical form filled by the owners, and enter the details in the computer
  • Check the patients’ weight, license and registration
  • Clean the pet treatment area and the clinic daily, including patients’ bedding, cages, floors and dishes
  • Sanitize the clinic area by spraying disinfectants
  • Follow the routine in for pets’ feeding and dressing
  • Identify the health problems and monitor the pets’ progress on a daily basis
  • Administer medication as directed by the veterinarian
  • Provide vaccination and help the vet during treatments
  • Obtain blood samples for laboratory testing
  • Supervise the conditions of operated pets, and inform the vet if found any complications
  • Maintain patients’ records and schedule further appointments for follow ups
  • Behave politely and humanly with pets brought in for treatment
  • Admit and discharge pets by providing clear and complete information to the owners about follow-ups and further care
  • Ensure healthy, clean, and safe environment in the clinic
  • Check and maintain stock of medicines and equipments
  • Arrange for transport facilities for pets as needed
Veterinary Assistant
Sympathy Pet Clinic, Birmingham, AL
2007 – 2009
  • Assisted in taking x-rays and preparing the operation theatre
  • Obtained and stained slides with blood samples for microscopy
  • Noted down pulse rate, temperature and heat rates in pets
  • Fed and administered medications to hospitalized patients
  • Interpreted and explained the vet prescriptions to the owners
  • Cleaned and sterilized surgical equipments
Associate Degree in Veterinary Science
University of New York, New York

On request

The veterinary assistant position is offered to the experienced candidates. If you are able to describe it in the veterinary assistant resume in a professional manner, you will surely succeed in connecting it with the employers.


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