The utility clerks are the first point of contacts for emergency services when there is some problem in the distribution line for utility services. These clerks have all the important information about the utility  lines such as gas, water, and electricity buried underground. They provide crucial information to public workers engaged in the constructions works just to ensure that the utility service connection is not disrupted due to the digging. Serving in this position requires managerial, organizational and communication skills. However, to transmit your interest to the employers, a utility clerk resume is required.

The utility clerk resume should show the managerial skills. This skill is needed to manage and direct the workers activities at the emergency sites. Furthermore, the ability to read information and report is also important so that you can communicate the exact problem and get it fixed by the workers. The organizational skills should be conveyed to show that you can arrange personnel and necessary materials to solve the problems. Communication skills in the resume will show your ability to answer customers' question related to the utility problems.

In addition, bookkeeping skills too should be mentioned in the utility clerk resume since you will have to prepare invoices, collect payments, and keep records of the delinquent accounts. This explains that you should at least have the basic accounting skills. The other responsibilities would be similar to an office clerk. Unlike other clerical jobs, this position is usually stressful. Whenever there is a problem in the utility lines, you will be inundated with hundreds of inquiries at a given time. There will also be pressure to re-start the services as fast as you can. You must, therefore, should show the employers that you can handle the work pressure and solve problems within least time.

Utility Clerk Resume Sample

David P. Bosse
325 Oral Lake Road
Saint Paul, MN 55104
Phone: (952) XXX-4685


To work as a utility clerk and in solving problems related to utility lines utilizing my leadership, organizational and communication skills.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Excellent supervision and communications skills
  • Ability to read utility maps, and pass on correct location information to workers
  • Knowledge of safety rules and regulations
  • Ability to analyze problems at the site, and determine time and personnel required to fix it
  • Knowledge of office work and equipments' operation
  • Familiar with bookkeeping and record maintenance work
  • Ability to identify materials and tag it accordingly
  • Expert in preparing bills according to the meter reading
Work Experience
Utility Clerk
Natural Utility Service, Inc., Saint Paul, MN
2009 – Present
  • Read utility map, and direct the workers at the emergency sites
  • Answer questions concerning the location of utility lines buried underground
  • Responsible for passing correct information to construction and excavating workers to avoid potential risks
  • Revised and update utility maps whenever there is an extension to the utility distribution line
  • Arrange for tools and materials at the site needed to fix the problem
  • Prepare bills and collect payments from customers
  • Charge late fees for overdue payments
  • Post cash collection entries in the cash register
  • Contact clients through phone calls, emails or letter to remind about the delinquent accounts
  • Keep records of inventories and petty cash expenses
  • Schedule disconnection of the utility distribution line for non payment
Office Clerk
ABC Gas Agency, Saint Paul, MN
2007 – 2009
  • Greeted and provided customer service at the office
  • Responded to customers' requests concerning the gas connections
  • Collected revenues from customers
  • Prepared and issued licenses for utility service
  • Reconciled monthly bank statements
  • Prepared employees' time card
  • Managed maintenance records
High School Diploma
Rose High School, Saint Paul, MN

On request
The utility clerks have to provide customer service and ensure that the distribution lines for utility services are safe, and the utility maps are updated at regular intervals. This utility clerk resume sample shows that the candidate is capable of performing the job because of his supervision, communication and organizational skills.


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